1: Dive into the flavors of the Mediterranean with these 10 delicious chicken noodle soup recipes.

2: Explore traditional Greek Avgolemono soup, a creamy lemon-infused dish that will transport you to the coast.

3: Indulge in Spanish Sopa de Fideos, a hearty soup packed with noodles and aromatic herbs.

4: Taste the bold flavors of Moroccan Chicken Couscous Soup, a spicy and comforting option.

5: Savor Italian Chicken Orzo Soup, a rich and satisfying dish perfect for any occasion.

6: Try Turkish Tarhana, a unique fermented soup made with chicken, vegetables, and noodles.

7: Experience Israeli Matzo Ball Soup, a warm and comforting dish with delicate chicken dumplings.

8: Enjoy Lebanese Chicken Shawarma Soup, a flavorful twist on a classic Mediterranean dish.

9: Get experimental with Tunisian Chickpea Harira Soup, a rich and spicy creation perfect for adventurous foodies.