1: 1. Avgolemono Soup: A Greek classic made with lemon and eggs.

2: 2. Spanish Chicken Soup: Flavors of Spain in a comforting bowl.

3: 3. Italian Wedding Soup: Meatballs, pasta, and greens in a savory broth.

4: 4. Moroccan Chicken Soup: A fragrant blend of spices and herbs.

5: 5. Turkish Chicken Soup: Creamy and nourishing with yogurt and rice.

6: 6. French Chicken Soup: A lighter version with fresh herbs and veggies.

7: 7. Lebanese Chicken Soup: Rich in flavor with chickpeas and cinnamon.

8: 8. Israeli Chicken Soup: Matzo balls and root vegetables in a hearty broth.

9: 9. Cypriot Chicken Soup: A unique blend of potatoes, rice, and lemon.