1: Looking to incorporate more protein into your diet? Try these 10 high-protein fruits!

2: 1. Guava - Packed with protein and vitamins, guava is a great addition to your diet.

3: 2. Avocado - Not just for toast, avocados are a protein powerhouse.

4: 3. Apricots - These sweet fruits are also high in protein and fiber.

5: 4. Kiwi - Surprisingly high in protein, kiwi is a refreshing snack.

6: 5. Blackberries - High in antioxidants and protein, blackberries are a superfood.

7: 6. Orange - This citrus fruit is not only high in vitamin C but also protein.

8: 7. Raspberries - Low in sugar and high in protein, raspberries are a tasty treat.

9: 8. Grapefruit - A powerful protein source, grapefruit is great for weight loss.