1: Discover the world of rare pennies and how they can be worth hundreds of dollars.

2: Lincoln Wheat Penny from 1909-S VDB is one of the most valuable pennies in existence.

3: The 1943 Copper Penny is a rare variety that was mistakenly minted in copper instead of steel.

4: The 1944 Steel Penny is another rare variety that can fetch a high price among collectors.

5: The 1955 Doubled Die Penny is a unique variety with a distinct doubling effect on the lettering.

6: The 1969-S Double Die Penny is a rare error coin that features a noticeable doubling effect.

7: The 1982 Copper Penny is a rare transitional error coin that was accidentally minted in copper.

8: The 1992 Close AM Penny features a close spacing of the letters "A" and "M" on the reverse side.

9: The 1995 Doubled Die Penny is a rare variety with a clear doubling effect on the date and lettering.