1: 1. Squats for lower body strength and fat burn 2. Lunges for toning thighs and glutes 3. Planks for core strength and stability

2: 4. Push-ups for upper body strength and muscle definition 5. Jumping jacks for cardio and calorie burn 6. Mountain climbers for total body workout

3: 7. Burpees for full body conditioning 8. Bicycle crunches for oblique and abs strengthening 9. Russian twists for core stability and balance

4: 10. High knees for cardio and leg muscle toning 11. Flutter kicks for lower abs definition 12. Hip thrusts for glute activation and firming

5: 13. Jump squats for explosive lower body power 14. Side plank for oblique strength and definition 15. Arm circles for shoulder flexibility and toning

6: 16. Superman exercise for back strengthening 17. Wall sit for quad endurance and burn 18. Reverse crunches for lower abs engagement

7: 19. Standing calf raises for lower leg muscle definition 20. Dumbbell rows for back and arm sculpting 21. Tricep dips for tricep toning and strength

8: 22. Leg raises for lower abs and hip flexor strengthening 23. Sumo squats for inner thigh sculpting 24. Bicycle crunches for oblique activation

9: 25. Plank jacks for total body conditioning 26. Donkey kicks for glute activation and toning 27. Tuck jumps for explosive power and calorie burn.