1: Myth 1: Breakfast must be large to be healthy. Truth: Portion control is key for a balanced Mediterranean meal.

2: Myth 2: Eggs are the only protein source. Truth: Include yogurt, nuts, and cheese for variety and nutrients.

3: Myth 3: Skipping breakfast is better for weight loss. Truth: Start your day with a Mediterranean meal for energy and balance.

4: Myth 4: Carbs are bad for breakfast. Truth: Whole grains like oats and whole wheat bread are essential for a Mediterranean diet.

5: Myth 5: Fruit juices are a healthy choice. Truth: Stick to whole fruits for more fiber and less sugar in your breakfast.

6: Myth 6: Coffee is the only beverage allowed. Truth: Herbal teas and water are great options for a Mediterranean breakfast.

7: Myth 7: Breakfast should only be sweet. Truth: Savory options like eggs, olives, and feta cheese are also delicious and nutritious.

8: Myth 8: Breakfast should be quick and easy. Truth: Take time to enjoy a Mediterranean breakfast for a mindful start to your day.

9: Myth 9: Breakfast is not important for moms. Truth: A nutritious Mediterranean breakfast provides energy for busy moms to tackle the day.