1: Start your day with a healthy 7 AM Mediterranean Diet Breakfast.

2: Greek yogurt with fresh berries and honey is a quick and delicious option.

3: Avocado toast with poached eggs and cherry tomatoes is a satisfying choice.

4: Overnight oats with nuts and fruits can be prepped ahead for a busy morning.

5: Shakshuka made with eggs, tomatoes, and spices is a flavorful breakfast dish.

6: Frittata with spinach, feta, and olives is a protein-packed option.

7: Smoothie bowl with Greek yogurt, fruits, and granola is a refreshing start.

8: Chia seed pudding with almond milk and mango is a nutritious choice.

9: Enjoy these 3 Best 7 AM Mediterranean Diet Breakfasts to kickstart your day!