1: 1. Deep Fry: Crispy and perfectly cooked chicken wings are achieved by deep frying in hot oil.

2: 2. Baking: Healthier option to achieve crispy chicken wings by baking in the oven.

3: 3. Grilling: Add smoky flavor to chicken wings by grilling till fully cooked.

4: 4. Air Frying: Crispy and delicious chicken wings can be prepared using an air fryer.

5: 5. Marinating: Infuse flavors by marinating chicken wings before cooking.

6: 6. Seasoning: Enhance the taste by seasoning chicken wings with herbs and spices.

7: 7. Saucing: Toss cooked chicken wings in your favorite sauce for a tasty twist.

8: 8. Glazing: Brush chicken wings with glaze for a shiny and flavorful finish.

9: 9. Garnishing: Sprinkle chopped herbs or grated cheese for a final touch before serving.