1: Dwayne Johnson surprises fans at CinemaCon with Moana 2 announcement.

2: Johnson teases Moana 2 as a must-see sequel at CinemaCon panel.

3: Fans go wild as Johnson hints at new songs and characters for Moana 2.

4: Johnson's infectious energy amps up CinemaCon attendees for Moana 2.

5: CinemaCon audience left buzzing about Johnson's Moana 2 sneak peek.

6: Johnson's charisma shines during Moana 2 teaser at CinemaCon.

7: Cinemagoers rave about Johnson's heartfelt promise for Moana 2.

8: Johnson's Moana 2 announcement dubbed a highlight of CinemaCon.

9: Fans eagerly anticipate Johnson's return in Moana 2 after CinemaCon reveal.