1: 1. Tail wagging uncontrollably 2. Constantly following you around 3. Gazing into your eyes lovingly

2: 4. Showering you with kisses 5. Always excited to see you 6. Sleeping close to you

3: 7. Bringing you their favorite toy 8. Ears perked up when you speak 9. Always wanting to cuddle

4: 10. Protecting you from harm 11. Showing empathy when you're sad 12. Learning and responding to your commands

5: 13. Showing signs of jealousy 14. Remembering your routines and habits 15. Exhibiting a different bark or whine when you're away

6: 16. Being more playful and energetic around you 17. Comforting you when you're feeling down 18. Always by your side, no matter what

7: 19. Seeking your attention and affection 20. Celebrating your return enthusiastically 21. Looking for your approval in everything they do

8: 22. Recognizing your scent quickly 23. Responding well to your praise and affection 24. Demonstrating loyalty and devotion towards you

9: 25. Expressing happiness when you're around 26. Protecting you from perceived threats 27. Acting differently towards you compared to others