1: "Enjoy budget-friendly bites in Boston with these 9 must-try cheap eats under $20. From savory lobster rolls to classic clam chowder, satisfy your cravings without breaking the bank."

2: "Indulge in a delicious slice of pizza at Regina Pizzeria or grab a mouthwatering sandwich at Mike's City Diner. Cheap eats in Boston don't disappoint!"

3: "Treat yourself to a flavorful bowl of pho at Pho Basil or try a tasty burger at Tasty Burger. These affordable options in Boston will leave you satisfied."

4: "Craving some authentic Italian cuisine? Head to Galleria Umberto or Ciao Pizza & Pasta for delicious meals under $20. Boston's cheap eats are full of flavor!"

5: "Satisfy your sweet tooth at Modern Pastry Shop or Bova's Bakery with delectable desserts under $20. Boston's affordable treats are sure to hit the spot."

6: "Sample some fresh seafood at Yankee Lobster Co. or James Hook & Co. with affordable dishes under $20. Boston's cheap eats promise a delicious dining experience."

7: "Discover flavorful Ethiopian cuisine at Lucy Ethiopian Cafe or enjoy a hearty burrito at Anna's Taqueria. Cheap eats in Boston offer a diverse range of options."

8: "Indulge in a delicious bowl of ramen at Yume Wo Katare or try a tasty banh mi sandwich at Banh Mi Ba Le. Boston's affordable eats will leave you craving more."

9: "From cozy cafes to bustling food markets, Boston's cheap eats scene has something for everyone. Explore these budget-friendly options and savor the flavors of the city."