1: Elevate Your Potato Game Discover the ultimate guide for achieving perfectly roasted potatoes every time with these secret ingredients.

2: 1. Olive Oil Coat your potatoes in olive oil for a crispy exterior and rich flavor.

3: 2. Garlic Add minced garlic for a savory kick that enhances the overall dish.

4: 3. Rosemary Sprinkle fresh rosemary on your potatoes for a fragrant and herbaceous taste.

5: 4. Parmesan Cheese Grate parmesan cheese over your roasted potatoes for a cheesy finish.

6: 5. Paprika Incorporate paprika for a smoky and slightly spicy flavor profile.

7: 6. Thyme Use fresh thyme to infuse your potatoes with earthy and aromatic notes.

8: 7. Onion Powder Enhance the savory flavor of your roasted potatoes with a hint of onion powder.

9: 8. Sea Salt Season your potatoes generously with sea salt for the perfect balance of flavors.