1: Jim Parsons was left amazed by Michael Keaton portraying an older Sheldon in the spinoff series.

2: The Big Bang Theory star Parsons praised Keaton for his portrayal of the iconic character.

3: Keaton stepped into Parsons' shoes for the role, earning praise from fans and critics alike.

4: Parsons expressed his admiration for Keaton's performance and the new direction for the character.

5: The spinoff series explores Sheldon's later years, with Keaton bringing a fresh perspective to the character.

6: Fans of The Big Bang Theory are excited to see how Keaton's portrayal of an older Sheldon unfolds.

7: Parsons and Keaton have both received acclaim for their respective roles in the spinoff series.

8: The chemistry between Parsons and Keaton on set has been praised by the show's creators.

9: The spinoff series promises to continue the legacy of Sheldon's character with Keaton at the helm.