1: NCIS Origins explores Tony and Ziva's past, taking a major risk with their iconic storyline.

2: Fans wonder if reimagining Tony and Ziva's origins will change their dynamic on NCIS.

3: NCIS Origins is stirring controversy by potentially altering Tony and Ziva's iconic relationship.

4: Will the risk of changing Tony and Ziva's storyline pay off in NCIS Origins?

5: Fans are divided on whether NCIS Origins should tamper with Tony and Ziva's fan-favorite bond.

6: The decision to alter Tony and Ziva's story has sparked passionate debate among NCIS fans.

7: NCIS Origins faces backlash for potentially straying from Tony and Ziva's beloved narrative.

8: Can NCIS Origins successfully navigate the risk of changing Tony and Ziva's storyline?

9: As NCIS Origins unfolds, fans are anxiously awaiting the fate of Tony and Ziva's original connection.