1: 1. Pothos: Easy to propagate in water, perfect for beginners. 2. Spider Plant: Thrives in water, develops roots quickly.

2: 3. African Violet: Beautiful blooms when grown in water. 4. Mint: Fragrant and easy to grow from cuttings in water.

3: 5. Basil: Fast-growing herb that roots well in water. 6. Philodendron: Stunning foliage plant that flourishes in water.

4: 7. English Ivy: Hardy plant that roots easily in water. 8. Rosemary: Aromatic herb that adapts well to water propagation.

5: 9. Coleus: Colorful foliage plant that thrives in water. 10. Sage: Culinary herb that roots readily in water.

6: Propagation Tips: Change water regularly to prevent rot and encourage growth. Benefits: Growing plants in water is cost-effective and eco-friendly.

7: Tools: Sharp scissors, glass jar, filtered water, and rooting hormone (optional). Process: Trim a healthy cutting, place in water, and watch roots grow.

8: Display: Create a stunning water garden with a variety of plant cuttings. Maintenance: Monitor roots for growth, and repot in soil once established.

9: Conclusion: Growing plants from cuttings in water is a rewarding and sustainable practice. Try propagating these top 10 plants for a thriving indoor garden.