1: Title: The Rock Surprises Cody Rhodes Summary: Cody Rhodes makes a shocking WWE debut thanks to The Rock's unexpected assistance.

2: Title: Rhodes' WWE Return Summary: The highly-anticipated return of Cody Rhodes unfolds in a surprising twist on WWE Raw.

3: Title: Rock's Generous Gesture Summary: The Rock extends a helping hand to Cody Rhodes, leading to a jaw-dropping WWE debut.

4: Title: A Moment to Remember Summary: Fans are left in awe as Cody Rhodes receives a life-changing opportunity from The Rock on WWE Raw.

5: Title: Unexpected Partnerships Summary: The Rock and Cody Rhodes team up for a memorable WWE Raw moment that surprises everyone.

6: Title: The Rock's Secret Plan Summary: The Rock's hidden agenda comes to light as Cody Rhodes steps into the WWE ring after an unexpected turn of events.

7: Title: Rhodes' Redemption Summary: Cody Rhodes' WWE debut marks the beginning of a new chapter in his wrestling career, thanks to The Rock.

8: Title: A Twist of Fate Summary: The Rock's intervention at WWE Raw sets the stage for a legendary moment as Cody Rhodes makes a grand entrance.

9: Title: The Rock's WWE Legacy Summary: The Rock's influence on Cody Rhodes' WWE debut echoes throughout the wrestling world, leaving a lasting impact.